About US

About US

We have been providing luxury self drive car rental services in this area for over 10 years at the lowest price in Hoshiarpur, Punjab. Our self-driving car rental company has more than 20 cars and looks forward to providing you with great and affordable cars. Self Driven Cars is perhaps the first and only provider to offer comprehensive 360 degree solutions to fully transform the Indian ground transportation industry into an organized enterprise.

To ensure passenger comfort down to the last detail, Self Driven Cars has done everything possible, from integrating the latest technology to setting up 24/7 customer service centers to ensure smooth operations; In addition to introducing bespoke solutions to all customer segments, the company has focused all efforts on organizing the largely disorganized Indian ground transportation industry.

A large and diverse fleet of vehicles

Delivery and collection service throughout the country

Take it daily, weekly, monthly or longer

All available for full contract rental

Friendly, experienced and professional

Cars has been family owned since its inception in 2008 and offers an unrivaled range of short and long term rental vehicles. Our vehicles are clean, well maintained and extensively serviced. Delivery is nationwide.

Punjab Self Drive Car Rentals offers the best self drive cars in Punjab. They range from small, large and budget cars to luxury vehicles, all sanitized and safe to rent.

Rent our cars cheaply with our very flexible and smooth process. Enjoy the driving experience with the vehicle of your choice and return it when the journey is over. As you do all this, you will be happy and smiling throughout the journey, from the consultation to the return of the car.

In short: select a self-driving car on our website and send us an inquiry. We will contact you soon.

We look forward to serving our customers with a smile and making sure they always smile. That is why we are called Punjab Self Drive Car Rentals.